Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Prayer to St. Josaphat Kuntsevych

O Saint Josaphat,
wonderful Saint and heroic martyr
for the union of our Church with the Vicar of Christ,
the Pope of Rome.
Thou are glorious on account of thy zeal in the propagation
of the true Catholic faith among our people.
Thou art wonderful because of thy heroic martyrdom
for the unity of faith of our people with the Holy See of Rome,
the true center of orthodox Catholicism.

Thou art admirable on account of thy sublime virtues with which thou has adorned thy soul.
We admire thy ardent love for Jesus and Mary and thy allegiance to the Vicar of Christ.
Thou art a sublime example of all virtues for the people of whom thou were born.
Since thou art so powerful with God as thy miracles prove,
I ask thee to obtain for me from Jesus and Mary a strong attachment to the Catholic faith
and my beautiful Eastern Rite which I shall never betray nor abandon.
Obtain also the grace of indefatigable zeal
that I may labor for the reunion of my separated Eastern Brethren.

O glorious martyr of our Catholic Church,
remember the nation of which thou were a son,
look at our people and pray to God for future reunion of all Ukrainians
under one fold and one shepherd.
May the day come soon in which all thy Brethren will assemble before thy holy relics
in a free and independent Ukraine to give thanks to God for the union of all Ukrainians with the Holy See.