Wednesday, June 25, 2014


June 25

St. William of Vercelli (1085 - 1142)

Born in Vercelli Italy he was brought up as an orphan became a hermit on Monte Vergine, Italy.   After a pilgrimage to Compostella and attracted so many followers that a monastery was built. By 1119 his followers were united in the Benedictine congregation, the Hermits of Monte Vergine (Williamites) which he headed. The austerity of his rule led to dissension among his monks, and to restore peace, he left and was taken under the protection of Roger I of Naples who built a monastery for him in Salerno. 
He founded monasteries through out Naples, and died at the Guglielmo monastery near Nusco Italy. 

He is also called William of Monte Vergine.